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If your AVST UNH Voicemail account says it is "locked", you can unlock it by resetting your voicemail password. This article contains instructions on how to reset your password for an individual UNH AVST voicemail account or group account that you control. An AVST self-service password reset tool is available on the Home Page of the Telecom website.
This article shows how to set up your new mailbox for UNH AVST voicemail.
This article tells you where to learn more about navigating the UNH AVST Voicemail phone interface.
This article holds information about voicemail/email integration in UNH AVST voicemail and address concerns about personally identifiable information.
This article shows where to learn more about UNH AVST voicemail.
This article shows how to reset your PIN for UNH AVST voicemail for an individual account or a group account that you control.