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Turnitin Draft Coach guides students from the first to final draft of their assignment using similarity, citation, and grammar checking tools. It aims to help improve writing confidence by showcasing and explaining potential areas of improvement, instead of automatic correction.

Turnitin Draft Coach can be used as an add-on application within Google Docs or Microsoft Word online. Turnitin Draft Coach cannot be used on the desktop version of Microsoft Word.
This article describes how to submit a course assignment that has Turnitin enabled as well as how to read the originality report.
This article describes how to create an assignment in Canvas using Turnitin's originality tool and how to read the report for the student submissions.
Turnitin (Similarity) is an application that checks for originality, detects plagiarism detection and can be used as a tool to help students understand how to properly cite sources in their academic work.
This article outlines how to interpret a Turnitin AI similarity report.
This article will explain why the dates in the UNH repository may not make sense. Example: This came about in a Ticket where the instructor questioned the Jan, 6, 2020 date as there was no course going on at the time Turnitin states a paper was submitted.