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This form is for requesting additions or updates to the IT Hardware Asset Inventory application. This is where you request to add assets, models or vendors that are not yet included in the application.

Review the following before submitting a request:

If you are trying to install software, first check to see if the software is already available to USNH-managed computers. Open Company Portal (Windows) / Self-Service (Mac) and search for the software you need. If it is listed there, then you can install it without needing Administrator privileges.

The standard for justification of access to PAM requires that you have a legitimate reason for use of elevated privileges exceeding 10 separate instances over the course of one year, on average.

If the software is not on Company Portal/Self-Service but this is a one-time request OR if you do not meet the frequency of use justification, please fill out the ET&S Service Desk web form to request assistance.

Desktop Support provides hardware and software support to all USNH faculty and staff. We service all Windows and Apple laptops and desktops, as well as tablets and phones.