TeamDynamix: Setting up Staff Time/Scheduling in Workspaces


This article details how to create a Workspace and how to set up Staff Time/Scheduling in Workspaces.



Task: To create a Workspace

Workspaces can be used to estimate and track non-project and miscellaneous daily time.  

You will need access to the TDx Workspaces application to create a Workspace.  


Step 1 -Click on the Applications Menu button and choose Workspaces

Step 2 -Click +Create New on the top right side of the screen.  

Step 3 -Select New Workspace

Step 4 -Create Workspace: 

  1. Enter a Name.  Example Workspace name: ET&S Administrative 

  2. If not ET&S, start typing to add your department to the Acct/Dept field.

  3. Add a Description
    Example  Description: For administrative overhead time including email, staff meetings, committee participation, and professional development.

  4. Click Save

  5. Add Staff

    1. Click Members on the left pane 

    2.  Click Add Members button from the upper right corner. 

    3. Search for members by name or by group name and select the correct names or group names by clicking the box next to each.

    4.  Click Insert CheckedAdd.
      Note: You may want to uncheck the box ‘Notify people that they have been added to this workspace.’ 

  6. Add Time Types to your Workspace

    1. Click on Workspace Detail near the bottom of the left pane.

    2. Select Manage.

    3. Time Types tab.

    4. Click inside Time Types field to bring up Time Types drop down. 

    5. Select the box to the left of the Time Types that you want to use. (Administrative, Operational, Project, or Time Off)

    6. Click on Add.  



You have created a Workspace in TeamDynamix.

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Task: To set up Staff Time/Scheduling in Workspaces


Step 1 -Select your Workspace from the pull-down menu at the top of the screen.

Step 2 -Click on Workspace Detail near the bottom of the left pane.

Step 3 -Select Manage.

Step 4 -Click on the Members tab.

Step 5 -Set your staff members' schedules:

  1. Click in the box to the left of Member.

  2. Click ActionsSet Schedule

  3. Select Hours or Percent of Resource’s Capacity for the monthly schedule.  

  4. Fill in monthly boxes. In this example, 15% of Resource’s Capacity for 2 people is allocated monthly
    Example "Set Schedule" screen with 15% of Resource’s Capacity for 2 people allocated monthly

  5.    Click Save

Note: To view all members schedules, click in box to the left of Member in the Member column. Click ActionsView Schedule. 


Workspaces setup with staff time/scheduling. 

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Need additional help?

If you need further assistance, see TeamDynamix: Need Help?

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