TeamDynamix: Creating a Card Wall


TeamDynamix includes an interactive card wall for managing project tasks. Project Card Wall is based upon a physical card wall. Just like its real-life inspiration, users can create columns and cards. Teams can also drag and drop cards between columns as they complete their work. This article details how to create a card wall in TeamDynamix.

Features of a card wall include:

  • Live collaboration as changes made by users are immediately visible to all other users working on the same card wall, and on-screen notifications about the changes can also be displayed.
  • Start and End date fields to indicate the task timeline, and time can be entered directly from the board for specific cards.
  • Lists (columns) can be configured to automatically update a card's percent complete when the card is dropped into the list.
  • Cards will show up as tasks in reports and desktop modules that currently display task information.
  • Multiple card walls can exist within a single project.
  • Card walls can be added to a project at any time



Task: To create a card wall.


Step 1 - Open the Projects application.

Step 2 - Select your project from left-hand navigator.

Step 3 - Select Plans

Step 4 - Click on green New button. This will open a "New Plan" window.

Step 5 - Enter a new plan Name.

Step 6 - Select Type Card Wall.

Step 7 - Click on green Save button.

Step 8 - Select View the plan you just created to open the plan.



Card wall project plan created. 


Further Readings

TeamDynamix: Project Management Reference Manual 


Need additional help?

If you need further assistance, see TeamDynamix: Need Help?

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