Connecting a Chromecast on the USNH Wireless Network


This article will provide the instructions to connect a Chromecast to the USNH Open Networks.



Task: To Connect a Chromecast to the USNH Open Networks.



Step 1 - You must first make sure your phone has been successfully registered on the eduroam network. Verify if your device's Bluetooth is turned on.

Step 2 - Download and open the Google Home app, click "+".


Step 3 - Click "Set up device"


Step 4 - Click "New devices"


Step 5 - Select a Home, click Next, and the app will look for devices. 


Step 6 - Once your Chromecast is found, click "NEXT".


Step 7 - Make sure the code you see on your TV matches the code you see in your Google Home app, then click "YES".


Step 8 - Select a room, then click "NEXT".


Step 9 - Click the upper-right dot menu, then "Show MAC Address". Your MAC address will appear. Log into, click "My Devices", then "Register New Device", entering the MAC address. At this point, unplug your Chromecast device. In the Google Home app, click back until you completely exit the setup.


Step 10 - Wait a few minutes and then plug your Chromecast in again. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you reach the "Connect to Wi-Fi" page. Select the "Open" network specific to your institution (KSC-Open, PSU-Open, UNH-Open) and click "NEXT". The Chromecast will attempt to connect to WiFi.



Step 11 - Once connected, you will prompted to link your Google Account, then turn on Google Assistant or not. After you review your setup, click "Next".


Step 12 - You will be prompted to watch a casting tutorial or not.


Step 13 - After the tutorial, you can choose how to cast. Press the "Media" option


Step 14 - Here you have several options. Choose one and, if necessary, link the appropriate accounts (Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, etc.) 



You have connected your Chromecast to the USNH Open Networks.


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