Connecting an Amazon Echo or Dot on the USNH Wireless Network


This article provides information on connecting an Amazon Echo or Dot to the USNH Open Wifi Networks.



Task: To connect an Amazon Echo to USNH Open networks.



Step 1 - Download Amazon Alexa app and sign in with your account. Open the app and on the bottom of the main page, click "Devices".


Step 2 - Click the "+" in the upper right.


Step 3 - Click "Add Device".


Step 4 - Choose Amazon Echo, then Echo Smart Speakers.


Step 5 - Check if the Echo is plugged in with an orange light, then click "Yes".


Step 6 - The device will search for WiFi. On the WiFi page, you can tap to find your device's MAC address.


Step 7 - Now navigate to Network Registration and register this MAC.


Step 8 - Click "My Devices".


Step 9 - Click "Register New Device" and enter your MAC here.


Step 10 - Return to the WiFi Page in the Alexa app and select the respective Open network (KSC, PSU, or UNH).


Step 11 - Click "Continue" and you will be prompted to choose a language, then which room it will be in.


Step 12 - Then you will be prompted to set up Voice ID.


Step 13 - Then you will be asked what address the Echo is at. You can skip this, or not.

Step 14 - Finally, you can choose to watch a short tutorial on the Echo. Once done, your Echo is ready for use.



Your Amazon Echo or Dot is now connected to the USNH Wireless Network and ready to be used.


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