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This article describes how to install Read&Write, a helpful application for learning difficulties. This article also goes over the activation process, assistance, and uninstallation.



USNH has a site license for the Read&Write application from TextHelp.  Under this license, all students, faculty, and staff may use the Read&Write software on USNH-owned or personally-owned computers.  Read&Write is set of literacy utilities useful for range of uses including learning difficulties, English language learners, accessibility accommodations, reading text aloud, or just basic spelling and grammar assistance.  More information on the capabilities of Read&Write can be found on the TextHelp website 

The instructions below are for students or faculty/staff who would like to install Read&Write on their own computer.


System Requirements

Your computer meet the following requirements to use Read&Write:

  • Windows10 or newer; macOS 10.15 or newer; Linux (many versions - see download page)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 4 GB available hard disk space 

Speakers, microphone, and sound support are required to use the speech input and playback features.



To obtain and install the software:

Step 1 - Go to Texthelp Read&Write For Education 

Step 2 - Click the Try Read&Write button on the page.  A secondary menu will open and select your platform.

Step 3 - Click on the desired platform.

Step 4 - Click the Save button that appears.

Step 5 - The software will be downloaded to your computer.  Open the downloaded file and proceed through any installation procedure that is outlined.  



To activate the Read&Write software, you must authenticate with an account associated with a USNH email address.  You can do this through USNH's Office 365 Microsoft accounts.  You should be prompted automatically the first time you go to use Read&Write:

Step 1 - Click the Sign in with Microsoft blue button.

Step 2 - Enter your USNH email address.  For faculty and staff, use your address.  For students, use your address.

Step 3 - For faculty and staff, if prompted as to whether to use a personal account or a work/school one, select the Work or School Account option.

Step 4 - You should be forwarded automatically to USNH's Office 365 Login page.  Login there with your normal USNH username and password.


Assistance With Read&Write

If you require general assistance using Read&Write, you can get help from the following:

If you are a student who needs assistance related to a learning or physical disability, please contact the Student Accessibility Services office for support.  They will handle any accommodation processes, and they also can provide specific training and support on using Read&Write as an assistive technology.


Training Guides


Intro to Read&Write 

Read&Write Support Site 

Read&Write Knowledge Base 

Read&Write for Education Academy - training and learning materials

Read&Write YouTube Training Videos 


Uninstalling Read&Write

If you wish to remove Read&Write from your computer, you may do so via the Windows Programs and Features control panel, or on macOS, by dragging the Read&Write application to the trash.


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