Finding Mac Address on your Devices


This article has information about finding a MAC address on some streaming devices as well as gaming devices. A MAC address is an alpha-numeric string that is unique to all network-connected devices. MAC addresses may be delimited by a colon, dash, space or have no delimiter.

Note:  Wireless Printers and some Nintendo DS systems will not work on our network.



General Internet and Streaming Devices

Amazon Fire TV

From the Main Menu go to Settings >> System >>About >> Toggle to Network >> look for MAC Address

Apple TV

From the main menu, choose Settings >> About. The MAC address is next to Wireless ID or Ethernet ID is the MAC address. Alternatively, you may find the MAC address printed on the UPC label on the Apple TV box.


From the Roku home screen >> Settings >> About. The MAC address will appear on your screen. Alternatively, you can find the MAC address on the bottom or back of your Roku.

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Gaming Devices

Nintendo 3DS/XL

From system Settings >> Internet Settings >> Other Information and your Mac address should appear.

Nintendo Wii

Go to Wii channel menu >> Wii Settings >> Internet >>Console Settings

Nintendo Switch

System Settings from the HOME Menu >>select Internet

Nintendo Wii U

Go to Wii U Menu >>System Settings >> Internet Settings >> View MAC Address >> Press “A” >>View MAC Address

PlayStation 4

From the main menu, select Settings >>Network >> View Connection Status

PlayStation 3

Main menu >>Settings >>System Settings >>System Information

Xbox 360

From the Xbox Dashboard >>System >> Network Settings >>KSC-Open >> Configure Network >> Additional Settings >> Advanced Settings  

Xbox One

Navigate to the Settings page >> Network >> Advanced Settings

Xbox One - Series S & Series X

Even though you are connecting to Wi-Fi, the MAC address is found in the wired section of the setup software.  To find your MAC Address:

Step 1 - During setup, when asked for connection type, select the wired option.  Since we do not have internet access yet, the connection test will fail.

Step 2 - The Xbox will ask you to try connecting again or try a different step. Click the button that says “That Didn’t Work”Keep clicking this button until the Xbox displays a more advanced display of network information.

Step 3 - The advanced network information display will include both the Wireless and Wired MAC address. Write down the wireless MAC Address.

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