IoT and Broadcast Reliant Devices on the USNH Network

Overview: How To Navigate the USNH Enterprise Wifi Network with Broadcast Reliant Devices

Many IoT devices such as Google Home, Rokus, Echos, Apple TVs, etc. have broadcast reliant features that are detrimental when used on a high-density network like USNH.

They rely on various forms of broadcast traffic to advertise their presence to potential client computers. Uncontrolled broadcast traffic congests and cripples an enterprise network, so USNH takes proper precautions by using Aruba’s AirGroup technology for this.

If you are trying to communicate from one device to another and cannot "see" that device, you may need to configure your AirGroup settings. For more information, go here.

Sometimes a work around by the client computer will allow you to specify an IP address (or an FQDN) to which to connect. Short of that, AirGroup is the best mechanism we have at this time.

To avoid a situation where a device you purchase is not usable on campus, verify with your vendor that the device does not require any sort of broadcast or advertising traffic to be visible to clients.

Below is a selection of articles related to home-grade devices and the USNH wireless network:

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