Course Feedback (Blue) - Saving Information to Continue Later

Task: Users can save surveys to complete at a later time.  Information will be retained so that users can review and complete later, no longer having to complete the survey in a single sitting.


  1. Once you access a feedback form, you will see a 'Save' button in the upper right
  2. Clicking the Save button will save the user's information that has been completed and provide them the option to leave the form and access again later

  1. Any survey that was not completed will have the status of "In Progress" so it can be identified
  2. To access a previously started survey, click on the survey and it will open to the beginning of the survey
  3. Information previously entered will be retained, users can then navigate to the page required in order to pick up where they left off and complete the survey
  4. Users can change information that was previously entered as part of the process


Users can now save their survey and access it again at a later time as long as it is prior to the course feedback window closing.

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