KSC, Course Evaluations (Blue) - Important Dates

Purpose: This article lists the important dates for Course Evaluations and reports.

Intended Audience:  Faculty, Staff and Students
Environment:  Course Evaluations (Blue)

Scope of Article: Provided are the dates regarding Course Evaluations for Keene State College


Course Evaluations will follow the schedule listed below. The new dates are published within the first few weeks of each semester.

  • Keene State has a minimum requirement for at least 2 students to be enrolled in a course for Evaluation purposes
EVENT\TERM Spring 2024 EOT Summer 2024 HT1 Summer 2024 EOT
Data Integrity Gateway [DIG] April 6 - April 12 May 7 - May 9 June 25 - June 27
Evaluation Period April 23 - April 30 May 20 - June 24 July 7 - Aug 19
Result Reports May 8 Aug 23 @ 8am Aug 23 @ 8am

Evaluation schedule 

  • The start date for course evaluations for end of regular term courses will be based off the course end date. Standard evaluations will run from two weeks before the course end date (as listed in Banner) to the day before finals begin.
  • Online course surveys will be available to students 7 days before course end date and run 3 days after course ends.  This includes E-Term courses


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