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The software programs listed in this article are available in all the KSC computer labs and classrooms.  These programs are available for all current KSC students, faculty, and staff​​​​​​​.
This article displays how to send voicemail messages to additional email addresses.
This article displays how to access the Avaya Voicemail Web Interface.
This article provides information on connecting to Eduroam on an Android Device with the workaround using "" as the domain option.
This article details how to use the Zoom Webinar Integration on TargetX. The article includes instructions on how to create a webinar, how to create email templates and events to invite attendees, how to host the Webinar, and how to review and report on webinar attendance.
Audience: KSC, CPS, UNH, and USNH users of Salesforce Recruit
This article explains how to be sure that hyperlinks always display a clean URL when using both UTM codes and "TargetX Track Click-throughs in Message" at the same time.
Audience: KSC, CPS, UNH, and USNH users of Salesforce Recruit
When viewing the Global Address List from your Outlook App, you can adjust the column's width to show more, less, or none of that column. You can also adjust the window size to make it smaller or larger.
This article explains how to set your Avaya voicemail greeting when leaving or returning from vacation.
This article shows how to check your campus voicemail with your campus phone or from another phone, and how to check you campus voicemail email.
This voicemail system has greetings and locations. They work hand in hand. This article will instruct users on how to change greetings using their campus phone.
This article walks through how to set up your Avaya voicemail system and other topics; it includes retrieving messages, changing your password, re-recording your name, and checking messages for a mailbox different from your own.
This article links to instructions to configure your campus email on a mobile device or through a web browser. MS Outlook is the supported application for campus email on mobile devices.
This article contains guidance on submitting requests for USNH Secure Electronic Equipment Disposal (SEED).
UNH's instance of Zoom can be used for HIPAA-related needs. Interested departments should review and request service.
Keene State College- Classroom Instruction Noodle: LaRC (Laptop Ready Classroom)