Mathematica on MAC OS X


Mathematica is a computational software system for symbolic and numerical computation, data visualization, and programming. This article describes the overview of Mathematica, and how to install it on MacOS devices.



Task: To install Mathematica on your MacOS devices

The following instructions will install the required files on your computer to use Mathematica. This procedure only needs to be performed once, but it must be done on every individual computer on which you wish to use Mathematica.


Step 1 - Connect to the repository for the installation files here:  UNH Mathematica. This folder is accessible to all UNH account holders, but you may have to login with your UNH username and password to gain access.

Step 2 - Open the folder for Mathematica MacOS. The currently licensed version is: 13

Step 3 - You will see an archive for the software. In this case, it will be a .dmg disk image file. Download this file to your local computer.

Step 4 - Once the download has finished, locate the file downloaded. Typically it is in the Downloads folder in your user folder, when you open the archive, you should see the installation files to continue the process.

Step 5 - Run the installation file by double-clicking it. Proceed through the installer and accept the default options.

Step 6 - Drag the Mathematica application to the Applications folder using the icons shown. Mathematica is a very large application and may take many minutes to copy to your computer.

Step 7 - Open your Applications folder.

Step 8 - Launch the Mathematica application by double-clicking on its icon.

Step 9 - You will be prompted with a Wolfram Product Activation Dialog. Click the Other ways to activate button at the bottom.

Step 10 - Click the item named Connect to a network license server.

Step 11 - Enter as the name of the license server. And click the Activate button.

Step 12 - Review and accept the license agreement by clicking on the checkbox and clicking the OK button.

Step 13 - Once the installation is complete, you may discard the installation archive you downloaded in the initial steps.

Using Mathematica

​​​​​Because Maple much check out a license from the UNH license server each time it runs, you must be either on the UNH campus on a wired Ethernet connection or using the secure eduroam wireless network, or you must be connected to the USNH VPN service if using the software from off campus.

Once you have completed the installation and activation, you can run Mathematica by double-clicking the Mathematica application in Applications, or you can drag the item to your Dock to create an icon on the Dock for easy access.


Assistance With Mathematica

If you require assistance using Mathematica, you can get help from the following:

  • The online Help built-in to Mathematica is available via the Help menu
  • The Mathematica Website 

Uninstalling Mathematica

Drag the Mathematica item from /Applications to the Trash to remove Mathematica from your computer.


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