UNH Outreach - Predictive Response: Creating a New Campaign


Creating a new campaign for Predictive Response users in the Outreach Salesforce environment.




Step 1 - Navigate to the Campaigns tab and click New.

red box highlight the new icon


Step 2 - Choose your newsletter type, as applicable.

Step 3 - Fill out the form. For the Subscription, you can use the search functionality to find a Subscription that works for your Campaign. The name of the Subscription should relate to the department/information you're sending information out from. If you can't find a relevant one, one may need to be created. To do this, send a case to the CRM team.

CE newsletter page


Step 4 - Click Save. Your new Campaign is ready to have Contacts added via the Campaign Members section.

Step 5 - After adding Campaign Members, click the Synchronize button in the top right. It may be in a dropdown menu. 

sync button



You have successfully created a new Campaign.


Need additional help?

If you have any additional questions, please fill out the Constituent Relationship Management Services Support Form.

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