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Pinned Article Salesforce: Basic Information

This article provides a brief summary of the Salesforce (SF) platform.

Pinned Article Salesforce: Logging In

How to Log in to Salesforce including links for all institutions.

Salesforce Lightning: Activity Timeline

This article provides an outline of the Activity Timeline in the Salesforce User interface - Lightning.

Salesforce Lightning: Creating a One-Off Email Template

This article details how to create and edit your own email templates in Salesforce Lightning.

Salesforce Lightning: Home Page and Navigation

Learn about the Home Page and Navigation when using the Salesforce Lightning User Interface.

Salesforce: Chatter

This article will discuss about a social media platform in Salesforce called Chatter.

Salesforce: Outlook Integration Set Up

This article details how to set up Outlook Integration for Salesforce on Windows Outlook Desktop App.

Salesforce: Reports (Lightning vs Classic)

See the differences between Salesforce reports in Lightning and Classic.

Salesforce: Requesting an Account

This article will discuss the process of requesting a Salesforce account for a user through the Accounts Management System.

Salesforce: Switching between Lightning and Classic

This article will discuss the process of switching between the two User Interfaces in Salesforce, Classic and Lightning.

TargetX Email: Using Email Template Hyperlinks

This article explains how to be sure that hyperlinks always display a clean URL when using both UTM codes and "TargetX Track Click-throughs in Message" at the same time.
Audience: KSC, CPS, UNH, and USNH users of Salesforce Recruit

TargetX Events: Using the Zoom Webinar Integration

This article details how to use the Zoom Webinar Integration on TargetX. The article includes instructions on how to create a webinar, how to create email templates and events to invite attendees, how to host the Webinar, and how to review and report on webinar attendance.
Audience: KSC, CPS, UNH, and USNH users of Salesforce Recruit

UNH Outreach - Predictive Response: Reactivating Inactive Contacts

This article details how to reactivate inactive Predictive Response Contacts caused by either Opt-Outs or bounced emails.

UNH Outreach - Salesforce: Adding a New Volunteer Contact to a Volunteer Campaign

This article provides a step-by-step guide on adding a new contact to a Volunteer Campaign.

UNH Outreach - Salesforce: Installing chrome browser extension is software that allows for display of improved help text when using Salesforce for UNH Outreach. This article details how to install the extension to your Chrome browser. Audience: UNH Outreach users.