UNH Outreach - Salesforce: Installing Elements.cloud chrome browser extension


Elements.cloud is software that allows for display of improved help text when using Salesforce for UNH Outreach. This article details how to install the Elements.cloud extension to your Chrome browser.   Audience: UNH Outreach users.



Task: To install the Elements.cloud browser extension for Chrome


Step 1 - Using a Google Chrome web browser, make sure you're already logged in to Salesforce.

Step 2 - In Chrome, go to the Elements.cloud browser extension page in the Chrome Web Store and click Add to Chrome.  If the button says "Remove from Chrome" instead, then the extension is already installed.  Skip ahead to Step 4 below to reveal the extension and log in.

"Elements.cloud" chrome web store page with "Add to Chrome" highlighted.


Step 3 - Click Add extension to install Elements.cloud to your Chrome browser.

Add Elements.cloud dialog with "Add extension" highlighted.


Step 4 - After installation, the extension may be hidden.  To show the extension, click Extensions in the Chrome toolbar then click the push-pin icon next to Elements.cloud.  Its push-pin icon will fill in with color and the Elements.cloud extension (in yellow circle) will then be visible in your Chrome toolbar.

Extensions tool in Chrome with push-pin marked and yellow circle around Elements.cloud extension icon in toolbar.


Step 5 - Select the Elements.cloud extension then click the Login With Salesforce button.

Login to Elements dialog with "Login with Salesforce" button highlighted



After installation, you will be able to see the improved help text (colored purple and larger) on Salesforce records that have improved documentation.


Need additional help?

If you have any additional questions, please fill out the Constituent Relationship Management Services Support Form.


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