UNH iClicker: Using the Mobile Student App

Task: This article is a student guide for using the iClicker Cloud Student App/webpage at USNH.

Accessing/Signing in:

Please see this article:

Getting the Student Mobile and signing in using the SSO

Adding Courses.

  • Because iClicker and Canvas are connected and because you signed in through the Campus Portal, you should see all your classes which are using iClicker already populated in the Student App/Webpage.
  • If you are having troubles seeing your courses and have already contacted your instructor, please see the "Need Additional Help?" section at the bottom of this article.

Responding to Polling Questions.

  • A banner will appear on your screen when your instructor has started class. Select Join to participate.
  • Selecting the Join button checks you in for class, if your instructor has enabled Attendance.
  • For Multiple Choice questions, selecting an answer will automatically send it. For Multiple Answer, Numeric, Target, and Short Answer questions, you must press the Send button to submit your answer.
  • You may change your answer as many times as you like until your instructor stops the poll. Your instructor may choose to not share an image of the question, or may wait to do so until after the poll has closed.

Reviewing Points. 

  • After selecting your instructor's course from your Courses list, select Class History to view of all your course participation and performance, organized by date. For each class date, you’ll see the points you earned out of the total possible points for that class session.
  • Within each class session, you’ll see a breakdown of each individual polling or quizzing activity in which you participated and how many points you earned for each. If your instructor takes Attendance with iClicker, you’ll also see a record of your check-ins, absences, and excused absences.

Review Questions and Answers.

  • Select a polling activity from the Class History list to view detailed results. You will see the points you earned displayed out of the total possible points for that poll, as well as results for each polling question. 
  • On the web app, you will need to select the Results button to view the class results on a new screen. On the iOS/Android apps, class results will appear on the same screen as your results.   ​

Create Flashcards.

  • With iClicker's Study Tools, students can bookmark questions from past activities and create flashcards or a practice test to study what was covered in class. Your use of Study Tools is not shared with your instructor, so you can feel free to quiz yourself as many times as you wish.
  • This feature is enabled by the instructor at the instructor's discretion so may not be available in every course. 

Additonal Information.

  • iClicker Student Study Tools on Youtube.

Need additional help?

If you need assistance with your iClicker device or iClicker student app, you can visit the IT support desk in the Dimond Library.

Fill out the iClicker webform with as much detail as possible or contact the Technology Help Desk on your local campus.

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