TeamDynamix: What's new in TDx Version 11.7


TeamDynamix at USNH was upgraded to version 11.7 and moved to the cloud on September 22, 2023. This change allows us to take advantage of a wide-variety of changes and enhancements that were not previously available. This article highlights some of the changes that our customers can look forward to. See also TeamDynamix's complete list of all releases.

Note: This upgrade will include TeamDynamix versions 11.4, 11.5, 11.6, and 11.7.


New Address!
TeamDynamix is moving from a local (on premise) server to the cloud!  With that move, TeamDynamix also will have a new address.  Steps have been taken to make this move seamless to users. However, if an outdated link is encountered, it will be helpful to know that TeamDynamix can be accessed from under the Production Systems pull-down menu.


Enhanced Client Portal searching
The client portal site search has been updated to use search engine technology. It will show suggested results and will support more complex search terms.

Workspaces are now available in their own application and are removed from the Projects application
TeamDynamix Workspaces have a new look and new capabilities, allowing you to manage your teams' work in one unified view.

Projects/Workspaces has been renamed to Projects

New formatting options in comments, updates, and other communication methods


Feed Filtering
Throughout the system, users can filter the Feed based on the type of feed entry. Feed entries are classified as either Edits, Status Changes, or Comments. Users can also search within the Feed to display matching results.


Automatic desktop refresh
eliminates the need to manually refresh the TeamDynamix desktop to see new work

Request services directly from the knowledge base (KB) 
Article editors can choose related services and determine which ones should be directly requestable from the article.


New Scheduled Ticket options
Additional recurrence options have been added to Scheduled Tickets, allowing you more flexibility to define when your recurring ticket should be created.


Images and tables in formatted text communications
Images and Tables are now supported in formatted text communications throughout the system, including ticket updates and comments.  When an image is included in an inbound email, the image will be displayed in line in the Feed or ticket description.


Group ownership of reports
Reports can now be owned by a group, allowing all members of the group to edit the report.

Project task assignment notification
The project management system has been updated to make it easier to notify users about project tasks. The following changes have been made: 

  • When assigning a single task, users will have the option to notify the assigned resources.
  • When checking in a waterfall project plan, users will have the option to notify resources once for the set of assigned tasks. 
  • At the project plan level, users can select whether to notify users about their assigned tasks when the task is scheduled to start. 

Links to the full release notes for each of the four versions between our current 11.3 and the new 11.7 are below.
Version 11.7 Release Notes
Version11.6 Release Notes
Version 11.5 Release Notes
Version 11.4 Release Notes

Further Readings

TeamDynamix maintains a complete list of all release notes in their own Knowledge Base.  To view their articles, create a free TeamDynamix account or log in if you already have one.

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