Canvas: How faculty can submit an assignment on behalf of a student


This article describes how faculty can submit an assignment in Canvas on behalf of your student.



Task: Submit an assignment on behalf of your student

There may be times when a student emails an assignment (file) directly to the instructor and the instructor would like to add it to the Canvas assignment.  Once the student's submission has been submitted, the instructor can view and grade the submission using the Speedgrader.   

If this Assignment also has Turnitin enabled, the submission will also be submitted to Turnitin.  if the originality score doesn't appear, then go to the Speedgrader and select the Resubmit to Turnitin.



Step 1 -  In your course, go to the Grades area.

Step 2 - Locate the student name and assignment.

Step 3 - Click the Gradebook cell and then click the Grade Detail Tray.

Step 4 -  In the fly-out on the right side, select the "Submit for Student" link.

Step 5 - In the Upload File area, browse and select the student's submission and select Submit.   Only a file format can be submitted.

Step 6 - The submission details will appear in the Grade Detail Tray.

For more detailed steps, see the Canvas guide How do I submit an assignment on behalf of a student?



The faculty will be able to submit a file to an assignment on behalf of a student.


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