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Pinned Article Canvas: Canvas Support

This article provides a list of options for answering your questions about using Canvas and technical support.

Pinned Article Canvas: I can't Remember my Password. How do I reset it?

This article describes how to reset your Canvas password.

Pinned Article Canvas: Login

This article describes how to log into Canvas at one of the USNH institutions.

Canvas (myCourses): Microsoft Immersive Reader

Microsoft Immersive Reader creates a reading experience that adds accessibility and comprehension for learners of all ages and abilities.  As an instructor or student, you can use the Microsoft Immersive Reader on a Page in Canvas (myCourses). You cannot use it in announcements, quizzes, assignments, or discussions.

Canvas (myCourses): What happens to my access when I leave the institution?

This article contains information on the Canvas user deprovisioning process for USNH institutions.

Canvas: Canvas Strips Attached Files from Email (Known Issue)

This article describes situations in which Canvas email may remove attached files from email communications through the system.

Canvas: Add a profile picture

This article describes how to add a profile picture in your Canvas site.

Canvas: Collaborating with Office 365

This article describes how to use Office 365 to collaborate with the members within a specific course.

Canvas: Collaborations accessing Office 365

This article describes how to access Office 365 through Collaborations.

Canvas: Create and send email

This article describes how to use the Inbox (email) tool from your Canvas course site.

Canvas: Embedding or Linking OneDrive Files in a Canvas Course

The article covers how to embed or create a link to OneDrive files in a Canvas course.

Canvas: How to Add Your Name Pronunciation to Canvas

This article explains how to add a recording of your name pronunciation to Canvas as well as including a phonetic spelling of your name in your Canvas profile.

Canvas: iCal Calendar Feed

This article describes the various ways to subscribe to the Canvas iCal feed using common applications (Google Calendar/Outlook.)

Canvas: Microsoft OneDrive Integration

The Microsoft OneDrive and Canvas integration gives students and instructors the ability to utilize their Office 365 accounts within the Canvas Learning Management System. This integration allows instructors to embed assignments, create OneDrive collaborations, and view live changes to documents right within Canvas. Students will also be able to utilize their OneDrive storage in Canvas, by submitting assignments and utilizing collaborations.

Canvas: Mobile Applications (Apps) Functionality

This article explains the application functionality of Canvas on Apple and Android tablet devices and Apple mobile devices.

Canvas: Personal Pronouns

Adding personal pronouns to your user account in Canvas.

Canvas: Safari known issue with displaying images

This article discusses the known issue of Safari not displaying images in a Canvas course and in particular a quiz.

CPS Canvas (myCourses): Anthology ePortfolio

Details and support information on Chalk & Wire ePortfolio management system, used by CPS.

CPS, KSC, UNH - Canvas: Post-Term Course Access FAQ

This article answers some commonly asked questions concerning post-term course access in Canvas.

CPS, UNH Canvas: Course Naming Convention

This article discusses the Canvas course naming convention.

Gradescope Notifications

There are several reasons why students and instructors may receive email messages and notifications from Gradescope. Some of the student notifications can be eliminated by instructors choosing to not use optional settings within Gradescope when adding students to a course and grading an assignment. Instructor regrade notifications can be modified by editing their account settings.

PSU Canvas - Plymouth Post-Term Course Access FAQ

This article answers some commonly asked questions concerning post-term course access in Canvas at Plymouth State.

Turnitin: Overview & Resources (Faculty and Students)

Turnitin (Similarity) is an application that checks for originality, detects plagiarism detection and can be used as a tool to help students understand how to properly cite sources in their academic work.

UNH Canvas - Enabling Acclaim by Credly

This article explains how to enable Acclaim by Credly in your Canvas course. Credly can be used for digital badges. A digital badge is an electronic representation of a skill, achievement, or experience. ​