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USNH implements network registration via a captive portal environment. When a new device connects to a USNH network it does so in a limited access state. That means there are very few things it can do, and some of those things are re-routed to the network registration systems. How that appears on a particular device will vary by its operating system, but in all cases, a network browser will need to be opened to reach the registration interface. Some operating systems will do so automatically.

  • All users of the USNH network tacitly or explicitly agree to the USNH Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Registration pages appear somewhat different on wireless connections and wired connections.
  • Devices connected to the wireless network (KSC-Open, PSU-Open, or UNH-Open) will see the following page (UNH Example): 
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  • Devices with a wired connection will see the following page (KSC Example):  
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  • Guest registration is available via social authentication (e.g. Google, LinkedIn) or by submitting your name and personal email address. Both wireless and wired registration pages have links to register as a guest similar to this page (PSU Example): 
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  • Registration durations will vary by circumstance, but will generally be no less than a year for USNH community members, and 30 days for guests.
  • Information about your USNH Registered Devices, including registration of non-browsing devices, can be found at (USNH login required).
  • See below for detailed instructions for how to connect to the USNH network with different types of devices.


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Need additional help?

Visit the ET&S Help Desk Support page to locate your local campus contact information or to submit an online technology support request.  For password issues, you must call or visit the Help Desk in person.  


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