TeamDynamix: Adding a User (Resource) to a Project and Assigning to a Project Plan Task


This article details the process of adding a user (resource) to a project in TeamDynamix and two options for assigning the user to a project plan task.



Task: To add a user (resource) to a project.


Step 1 - Open Projects from the Applications Menu.

Step 2 - In left-hand navigation, select your project.

Step 3 - Select Manage.

Step 4 - Under "Project Details" navigation, select Resources.

Step 5 - Click on Actions button and select Add Resources.

red box highlight the resources, actions, and add resources


Step 6 - Enter Search criteria in the "Name" field or search by Dept./Group in the "Resource Pool" field.

Step 7 - Select Search button and check the boxes next to the Resource name(s) you would like to add.

Step 8 - Select Next.

Step 9 - If you do not want to "Notify resources that they have been added", uncheck the box.

Step 10 - Select Save.

Note: If the Resource you added is from another department, the Approver for that department will be notified and will need to approve the Resource.



Resource(s) will be added to a project.

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Task: Option 1 - To assign a user (resource) to a project plan task. 


Step 1 - Open Projects.

Step 2 - Select your project from left-hand navigation.

Step 3 - Select Plans.

Step 4 - Checkout your waterfall plan.

Step 5 - Go to the "Resources" column.

Step 6 - Double-click inside the task.

Step 7 - Check the box next to the Resource(s) you would like to add.

resources you would like to add



Resource(s) will be assigned to a project plan task.

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Task: Option 2 - To assign a (user) resource to a project plan task using the drag & drop feature.


Step 1 - Click on the Resources button on the right-hand side of plan.

Step 2 - Select a resource.

Step 3Drag and drop to a task in the "Resources" column.

drag and drop a resources


Step 4 - Select Check In when you’re finished working in the plan.



Resource(s) will be assigned to a project plan task.

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