Windows Configuration Management

Configuration Manager (Configman) is a management tool that allows you to focus on your work rather than on keeping your computer up to date and virus free.  It also allows you to easily install select software or have software automatically installed for you. 

Antivirus software will be maintained by Configuration Manager and regular, unobtrusive scans will be run automatically.  Microsoft updates will be automatically installed and you may choose when to restart in order to complete the installation.

Configuration Manager allows you to take care of business rather than take care of your computer.  Instead of spending time and money updating Windows and running antivirus scans, sit back and Configuration Manager will take care of your computer for you.  Install select software with the click of a button.  A myriad of standard applications are available now and more can be made available as your local IT professionals identify software useful for your group.  Reports on virus detections, Windows updates installations, installed hardware, and power usage will be available to your local IT professionals.


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Keene State College (KSC)
Plymouth State University (PSU)
University of New Hampshire (UNH)
USNH System Office