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Accounts, Passwords, & Access

Services include Access Management, Authentication Services, and Password Management.


Services include Telephone, Web & Mobile Services, Digital Signage, Video Conferencing

Email & Messaging

Services include Faculty/Staff Email, Student Email, Video Chat and Messaging.

Help, Support, & Training

Services include technology support contacts.

Networks & Connectivity

Services include network design, firewall services, virtual private network, wifi and wired networks.

Retail Services

Services include computer, software, and peripheral purchasing.

Servers, Data, Storage & Backups

Services include file shares, personal computer backups, website hosting.

Business Tools & Services

Services include Advancement/Student/HR/Finance information services, Printing, Facility and Asset Management.


Services include Cybersecurity services, encryption, security scanning software, antivirus.

Learning Tools & Services

Services include academic computing, learning management and virtual teaching.

Hospitality & Campus Services

Services include Point of Sale, Dining Hall access, hardware, and software including Transact, Cloud PoS and more!

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Microsoft Intune

The University provides an automated software update and installation service for all computers running Microsoft Windows which is managed by Intune.

If you need to install an application that is not in the Company Portal, or you need support for intune, please choose from the options on the right.