Services include Advancement/Student/HR/Finance information services, Printing, Facility and Asset Management.

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Add Application to Software Center in ConfigMgr

The university provides an automated software update and installation service for all computers running Microsoft Windows and being managed by Configuration Manager.

If you need to install an application that is not in the Software Center catalog, complete this form to suggest a new software package to be considered for distribution.

Apple Device Management

USNH uses Jamf Pro, an IT and asset management system, to manage all of its institutionally-purchased Apple computers and iPad fleet.

AssetWorks Project Request

Use this page to submit a project request. A project request is a request for new functionality or
changes to existing functionality, or a request for assistance with a process review.

AssetWorks Support Request

AssetWorks Support Request is enterprise administrative software supporting the creation and maintenance of Facilities and Asset data.

Boomi Requests

Boomi is a software environment used for automating various tasks such as file transfers and data feeds. Please use this form for new requests.

Boomi Support/Maintenance

Boomi is a software environment used for automating various tasks such as file transfers and data feeds. Please use this form to report issues, request updates to existing processes, or schedule maintenance.

Change Enablement

Request IT changes, post informational events to the change calendar, and find answers to change related questions.

Constituent Relationship Management

The Constituent Relationship Management service (CRM) enables our business to administer its interactions with current and future constituents. At our institutions, the CRM vision is to create efficient and effective business processes across all business units so that a singular view of a constituent is possible.

Data Visualization (Tableau)

Tableau data visualization software helps you connect to data and use it to create interactive, sharable dashboards.

Data, Analytics, and Reporting

The Center for Data, Analytics, and Technology Alliance (DATA) coordinates the intake of data projects and requests for information, and supports services and solutions to enable data-driven decision making by providing reporting, data visualization and discovery tools, predictive analytics, and analysis and research.

Document Management

Document management solutions enable the campuses to be less reliant on paper, and help streamline business processes.

Document Management Project Request

Project work-related requests for the Document Management applications, including ApplicationXtender, Axiom/AnyDoc, and Banner Document Retention.


DocuSign eSignature allows groups to create electronic documents and then collect e-signatures on the document(s). The platform keeps track of who signs and when, so it is best suited for legal documents that require this information.

Enterprise Advancement IT

For submitting issue, report and enhancement requests to Enterprise Advancement IT related to Trax, iModules, Tableau, WebI and other EAIT supported systems.

Enterprise Application Hosting

Application hosting of various Enterprise Applications in support of the USNH business, student, and faculty community.

ET&S Admin Requests

Use this form to schedule meetings and interviews, pay for conference and travel, request new equipment, request new or updated contracts, or for PeopleAdmin

File Transfer Services

File Transfer Services (FTS) provides the transfer of enterprise production data to and from known vendors or USNH departments. Incoming data is processed into the Enterprise Systems and outgoing data is processed by vendors or administrative offices at USNH.

InfoBurst Account Request

PLEASE NOTE: Before requesting an InfoBurst account you must have a WebIntelligence (WebI) account and a business need to schedule reports. To learn more about WebI please visit

InfoBurst Support

InfoBurst is a business intelligence tool used to schedule and deliver reports from BusinessObjects (WebIntelligence) to destinations like SharePoint where users access and consume reports and data. For help with your existing InfoBurst account, please click the green “Request Support” button to the right.

IT Service Management

IT Service Management (ITSM) is comprised of processes and tools that support consistent delivery of IT services to the USNH community.

Job Scheduling

This service focuses on production job scheduling and monitoring, mainly through AppMan, and supports Enterprise Technology & Services (ET&S) and administrative departments.

Microsoft Office 365 (O365)

Microsoft Office 365 (O365, M365) is a subscription program through Microsoft that allows you to install the latest version of its popular productivity suite, Microsoft Office, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other programs, on a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone.


TeamDynamix (TDx) is available USNH-wide to all departments and is UNH's official project and portfolio management tool. TeamDynamix has also proven to be a valuable resource in helping many USNH departments meet their Enterprise Service Management needs.


Please fill out the form below related to a new store request or support request.


Customers should use this form to report bugs, request new features, or ask questions to UNHCEMS

User Content Repository

The User Content Repository provides a content repository for files related to administrative offices’ mission critical business processes.

Virtual Desktops

Desktop virtualization is software technology that separates the desktop environment and associated application software from the physical client device that is used to access it.

WebIntelligence (WebI) Reporting

WebIntelligence (WebI) is an enterprise application supporting self-service access for reporting and analysis of data from various applications.

Windows Configuration Management

Configuration Manager is a management tool that allows you to focus on your work rather than on keeping your computer up to date and virus free.

Windows Image Deployment

The windows imaging service allows desktop technicians to set up machines for faculty and staff with a standard Windows Operating System and various software packages.