Business Relationship Management

Business Relationship Management (BRM) serves as a liaison between Enterprise Technology & Services (ET&S, formerly known as IT), Procurement, and university departments. The BRM's objective is to maximize the value of university resources by ensuring existing products are adopted to their fullest potential and effective and sustainable purchasing decisions are made. The BRM partners with business leadership to plan new joint initiatives with ET&S, develop and evaluate proposals. Identifies opportunities for business process re-engineering and facilitates the relationship between ET&S and business units to deliver highest-value improvements to systems and processes. In collaboration with USNH Procurement; the BRM supports the acquisition of software and aids departments in developing sustainable service management plans throughout the University System. 
The BRM can provide consulting and guidance throughout the project lifecyle, from development to support.  Before initiating an IT or software purchase, contact the BRM. The University System may already have a technology solution to meet your needs.
Consulting services include researching existing products already in use throughout USNH institutions, vendor review/selection and assistance developing a long term software support model. The BRM will assist with vendor due diligence review, financial assessment, requirements matching, security considerations and assessment of IT resource requirements from vendor review through implementation. The BRM can guide departments to leverage the most appropriate existing technology services and products available. Following the software implementation, the BRM will offer Service Management life cycle consulting. The BRM can help define how to manage accounts, how upgrades are implemented, end user communications, success metrics, total cost of ownership, security and vendor relationship management.

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Granite State College (GSC)
Keene State College (KSC)
Plymouth State University (PSU)
University of New Hampshire (UNH)
USNH System Office