Adobe Acrobat Sign

Adobe Acrobat Sign allows groups to create electronic documents and then collect e-signatures on the document(s). The platform keeps track of who signs and when, so it is best suited for legal documents that require this information.

For new users, click Request Service and fill in the request form. Under the Request Type option, choose Account Request. This option covers both group and individual account requests. Once new accounts are added, you’ll receive an email from Adobe Acrobat Sign titled “Get started with Adobe Acrobat Sign Solutions for enterprise.”  Clicking get started will take you to the login page.

Important - If you have previously created an account with Adobe Acrobat Sign using your UNH, KSC, PSU, or USNH campus email address, and sent any agreements using that account, you will need to download those agreements/documents before signing up with a new enterprise account. See full instructions in Before you Begin - Save Old Documents.

Login page:  Click Here to log into Adobe Acrobat Sign

If requested for Email Address, enter your campus email address (like, NOT then click Continue. This will sign you in or take you through the usual Microsoft login process.

Knowledge Article – Adobe Acrobat Sign: Getting Started

For additional training, or for help with problems or advanced topics, click Request Service and choose Support under the Request Type option.

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