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Purpose: This article describes the public web printing process at UNH
Intended Audience:  UNH Students, Faculty, and Staff
Environment:  UNH Public Printing

Scope of Article: To describe the public web printing process available in Durham and Manchester for UNH students, faculty, and staff.


UNH students, faculty, and staff can submit print jobs to the pay-to-print system with printers in the Student Computing Clusters, Libraries, and elsewhere on campus via the print.unh.edu website. The system will send your print jobs to color or black & white printers either in Durham or Manchester.

Print jobs will be sent into the pay-to-print system and can be selected, paid for, and printed from any of the public print station locations.

You must pay for your print job within 2 hours of submitting it to the queue, or it will be deleted automatically.  

Print jobs are publicly accessible by other users of the system, so if you are printing something sensitive, please visit the one of the print station locations as soon as possible after submitting your job to pay for and print it.

Charges are the same as printing from the public computers in the Clusters with a 25% discount for duplex printing.

  • Black & white – $0.10 per page ($0.15 for double-sided)
  • Color – $0.50 per page ($0.75 for double-sided)

By default, all documents print out one copy, all pages, single-sided, in color or black & white according to which printer is selected. 

Pay for print jobs using Cats Cache.


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