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This article reviews recent releases and updates for the applications Learning Design and Technology supports.
A survey theme in Qualtrics is a preset collection of colors, fonts, and styling for your survey. The default theme when creating a new UNH survey is "UNH Light".
The USNH System has licensed the Qualtrics Survey Research Suite, a Web-based survey and data analysis service. This license provides the USNH community with a set of powerful online survey and research tools, and allows an unlimited number of surveys and survey responses annually. Our license also includes Offline Survey capabilities for use with tablet or smartphone devices.
This article explains how users can manage their myPortal Account Settings (general, privacy and notifications)
This article will outline the steps to take when it becomes necessary to cancel a scheduled meeting with an advisor, faculty or other support team member.
Turnitin (Similarity) is an application that checks for originality, detects plagiarism detection and can be used as a tool to help students understand how to properly cite sources in their academic work.
This article will explain why the dates in the UNH repository may not make sense. Example: This came about in a Ticket where the instructor questioned the Jan, 6, 2020 date as there was no course going on at the time Turnitin states a paper was submitted.
This article provides quick links to the most common support questions that may arise for faculty teaching an online or hybrid J-Term course with special attention to questions that may arise during the time period when the University is closed.
This article explains how to enable and use New Quizzes.
This article describes the properties of a concluded course.
This article details timed quiz considerations and how timed quiz work in Canvas.
This article describes how to add or modify hyperlinks in Canvas to open in a new window or display in-line document preview.
Whether you are an instructor or a student, you may need to create and share a video in an online course. This process can be broken down into 3 steps: Create the Video.
Upload the video to a streaming server, Share the video. Kaltura is the secure and private media server used by all USNH colleges for video and audio streaming. Kaltura also includes tools for video recording, sharing, and management, and is fully integrated into Canvas. This article will provide an overview
This article will get a user started on using the mobile application for myPortal.
This article describes the Canvas DocViewer as well as supported document types in Canvas.