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Pinned Article KSC, PSU Classrooms: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Classroom FAQ

The following article provides answers to questions about the classroom standard Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or Type I classrooms at Keene State College (KSC) and Plymouth State University (PSU).

Pinned Article Meeting Owl - Getting Started

Getting Started with the Meeting Owl

Pinned Article Sanitizing Microphones

This article will discuss different options to disinfect a microphone after it has been used.

Pinned Article USNH Classrooms: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Classroom Instructions

The following article provides instructions for using the technology in standard Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or Type I classrooms at all the USNH campuses (KSC, PSU, UNH).

2023 USNH ET&S Summer Classroom Improvements

The ET&S Team in Teaching and Learning Technologies/ Learning Space Technology has again been busy this summer of 2023. Summer months enable the replacement of technology that has reached the end of its useful life; that cycle is generally an 8 year cycle.

AirMedia: Connecting to and Best Practices to using AirMedia

This article will discuss connecting to AirMedia and Best Practices while using AirMedia to present in a Classroom

AirMedia® Wireless Presentation Guides

This article includes information about using AirMedia wireless projection

Assistive Listening Systems/Devices

This article provides an overview of assistive listening systems at USNH.

Classroom Standards: What is a Type I Classroom? (a.k.a. Bring your Own Device or LaRC - Laptop-ready Classroom)

This article is designed to provide information to faculty teaching in a Type I classroom.

Classroom Technology/ Event Technology Support

This article includes a link to a form you can fill out to receive classroom/event technology support.

Crestron Mercury Training Guides

This article provides an overview of Crestron Mercury and related software downloads.

Jamf Connect

Jamf Connect is tool that allows users' to log into their Macs using their USNH username and password without being bound to the USNH domain. This article introduces the user to the components of Jamf Connect.

KSC Classroom Noodle: TEC (Technology Enhanced Classroom)

Keene State College Classroom Instruction Noodle: TEC (Technology Enhanced Classroom)

KSC Classroom Type II Instructions

Keene State College: Classroom Instruction for Type II Classrooms

KSC: Using Audio Only in Redfern Arts 101 and 112

The Redfern Arts classrooms 101 and 112 have the ability to present audio only, without requiring an accompanying video signal. This article will show you how to activate and operate that functionality.

KSC: Using Audio Only in Redfern Arts 120

This is a step by step guide to show you how to broadcast audio in Redfern Arts 120 when not using a device with an HDMI connection.

Macintosh Laptop Troubleshooting

This article provides a fix to common Mac audio and video problems.

Microphone Information

This article provides an overview of using installed rechargeable microphones or battery microphones.

Projecting from a Laptop Computer

This article provides step by step instructions on how to project from a laptop computer in a classroom.

PSU, UNH Virtual Desktop: VDI Connection Instructions

This article shows you how to connect to VMware Horizon for use of the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).  This service provides access to several centrally licensed software resources running on the Windows operating system.  Access to this service varies by campus. 
* PSU: available to all active PSU students, faculty, and staff.
* UNH: limited to students currently enrolled in ADMN 410 or ADMN 926.

PSU: Installing Camtasia

This article provides instructions on how to install Camtasia.

PSU: SketchUp Basics

This article goes over the basics of using SketchUp, including some best practices when getting started.

Requesting Audiovisual System Training and Orientation

This article provides instructions on getting in-classroom audio visual training and orientation.

UNH Student Clusters & Classrooms: Where to save your work

This article will go over some of the options to save your work when using a computer from a UNH computing cluster, technology classroom, or departmental lab. It will also go over some of the pros and cons of these options.

UNH: Installing VirtualBox-based Windows 10

The University of New Hampshire has licensed both Windows 10 Education and Microsoft Office for all of the staff. Under this agreement, students are licensed to upgrade their computers to Windows 10 and to install Microsoft Office under the Office 365 program.

Using the MIPRO PA System

This article provides an overview on using the MIPRO PA System.