MediaSpace: Managing Channel Members


This article describes how to manage channel members in MediaSpace.

MediaSpace allows users to upload, manage, and share media. Channels are a means of sharing sets of media assets with other users.


A channel is a user-generated collection of content. You can access your channels from the My Channels selection in the User menu within MediaSpace. To work with channels, you need to do three things:

  1. Create and manage the channel
  2. Add content to the channel
  3. Control which other users have membership to your channel and what rights those other users have

Add members to a channel

  1. Go to the the MediaSpace site at,, or, and login with your username and password.
    1. Select My Channels from the User drop down.
      Select My Channels from Dropdown
  2. Click on the Edit button channel that you would like to add members to. See the red arrow in the image below:

  1. Change to the Members tab for the channel (See red arrow below):


  1. If you are the channel manager or owner, you are able to add members to the channel by clicking the Add Member button.
  2. Enter the username of a member you would like to add to the channel. Users will only be found if they have already logged into
  3. Set their permission level in the channel.
  4. Click Add.

Modify a channel member’s permission

  1. On the Members tab while editing a channel, you can modify what access current members have. Click the pencil icon on the line for the user you wish to modify.
  2. A dropdown appears with permissions options
  3. Select the desired permission level
  4. Click the disk icon to save the change.

You can remove a member from a channel and thereby remove that person's access to that set of media by clicking the X icon on the line for the user you wish to delete.

Changing a channel's owner

  1. If you are the current owner of a channel, you can transfer that ownership to another channel member. On the Members tab while editing a channel, click the Set as Owner link on the line for the user you wish to takeover ownership of the channel.
  2. Confirm the change when the dialog appears:

Understanding Channel Permissions

Each channel member is assigned one of four permission levels. Keep in mind that if you have an Open channel, that is accessible to all account holders; everyone gets Member rights. If you have a Public channel, then everyone on the Internet gets Member rights. In either case you can control who has the rights to post new content via the Contributor, Moderator, and Manager roles.

For a Private channel, you use all four roles. Once specifically listed users who are granted any role will be able to see content.


Allows a user to


View channel content only.


View channel content and add media to the channel.


View channel content, add media to the channel, and moderate channel content (approve the posting of content from Contributors).


Full rights to the channel including controlling who is a channel member and what access rights other members have.

For more information about working with channels --please see this Kaltura Support page on MediaSpace

Need Additional Help?

Please contact the Service Desk at 603-862-4242, fill out the Streaming Media Hosting web form with as much information as possible, or contact the Technology Help Desk on your local campus.


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