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This article reviews the process needed to find embeds that users might need to update when the Kaltura v7 player is upgraded.
Teaching strategies and technology tools available to use during an academic disruption.
Instructions on setting up a Wacom Intuos tablet to be used as an annotation device.
Whether you are an instructor or a student, you may need to create and share a video in an online course. This process can be broken down into 3 steps: Create the Video.
Upload the video to a streaming server, Share the video. Kaltura is the secure and private media server used by all USNH colleges for video and audio streaming. Kaltura also includes tools for video recording, sharing, and management, and is fully integrated into Canvas. This article will provide an overview
This article explains how to use Kaltura Media in Canvas in lieu of Flip in a collaborative way or just between the instructor and the student. It also explains how to use Kaltura Capture to record media on the spot.
This article describes how to create a video/audio assignment within myCourses.
This article goes over how to record a slide show in Microsoft 365 Powerpoint and how to publish the recorded slide show, ready to share with others.
This article reviews the factors and issues you may experience when using Kaltura and when you are in a Video Quiz. There are many different factors that can impact recording the scores of in-video quizzes. These can include: your computer, browser, settings or other features enabled between your computer and/or browser.
This article describes how to use MediaSpace to create or upload videos that can be publicly viewed.
This article explains how to add, edit and delete hotspots in your recordings.
This article describes how to enable external course tools in Canvas.
This article will present a short demo of using the Kaltura recycle bin in Canvas and MediaSpace.
This article explains how the end-user can move recordings from Zoom to Kaltura if the automated migration process fails following a cloud recording session.
This article will outline the processes for what to do if a user encounter Kaltura Access Denied, blank page, or API errors.