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Pinned Article Kaltura - Editing Captions in a Video

This article describes how to edit captions in a Kaltura video .

Pinned Article Kaltura Capture: Advanced Options

Most of the time the default Kaltura Capture settings will be sufficient. Refer to this article if you need to change settings.

Pinned Article Kaltura Capture: Getting Started

This article describes how to get started with Kaltura Capture. Capture is a tool that allows users to record themselves as well as the screen for lectures, How to, or informational video.

Pinned Article Kaltura Capture: Overview

This article provides a general overview of Kaltura Capture.

Pinned Article Kaltura: An Overview

This article gives a general overview of Kaltura.

Pinned Article Kaltura: Create Video/Audio Assignment within Canvas

This article describes how to create a video/audio assignment within myCourses.

Pinned Article Kaltura: Requesting Machine Captions

This article describes how to request mechanical captioning for Kaltura videos.

Pinned Article Kaltura: Upload or Create Media

This article describes how to upload or create media using Kaltura.

Pinned Article MediaSpace: Publishing and Sharing Media

This article describes how to publish and share media in MediaSpace.

Copyright Laws for Faculty and Students

This article provides user support links to answer questions regarding copyright laws for Faculty and Students.

Kaltura - Captioning - Differences between Professional and Teaching and Learning Technologies

This article will outline the differences between the paid for professional services available for captioning and those captioning services that Academic Technology offers.

Kaltura - Finding Local Copies of Your Kaltura Capture Media on Your Hard Drive

If you're using Kaltura Capture, the latest version of the Kaltura recording software these are the instructions for locating the local storage on your hard drive.

Kaltura - Playlists

This article will provide information on how to create play lists, add or remove content from those play lists including in channels

Kaltura - Screen Recording on my Mac does not work

This article includes troubleshooting a problem with screen recording on a Mac.

Kaltura - Video and Audio Supported File Types and Codecs

This article provides a summary of the acceptable file types and codecs one can import into Kaltura.

Kaltura Capture: General Troubleshooting

If you're having issues with Kaltura, this article will go through some common troubleshooting items.

Kaltura Classroom: Overview

This article provides a basic overview of Kaltura Classroom.

Kaltura: Access Denied, Blank Page or API Error

This article will outline the processes for what to do if a user encounter Kaltura Access Denied, blank page, or API errors.

Kaltura: Access Media that has been Shared with You

This article describes how to access media that has been shared with you.

Kaltura: Basic Video Editing

This article is intended to instruct where to find and how to use the video editing tools in Kaltura.

Kaltura: Cannot Access Because Cookies are Blocked

This article provides a solution to not being able to access Kaltura because cookies are being blocked.

Kaltura: Deleting Content

This article describes how to delete Kaltura content.

Kaltura: Download Media to Your Computer

This article shows how to enable downloading of your Kaltura media. It also covers choosing a format and saving the file to your computer.

Kaltura: Downloading and Installing Kaltura Capture

This article will help the user find where to Download Kaltura Capture and guide you to resources for basic use.

Kaltura: Embed Video and Audio into Canvas (MyCourses)

This article describes how to embed a video or audio file into a MyCourses course.

Kaltura: Expected Media Content not Appearing

This article describes what to do if Kaltura media is not displaying in the browser as expected.

Kaltura: Finding Embeds That Need To Be Updated Before the Kaltura v7 Player Upgrade

This article reviews the process needed to find embeds that users might need to update when the Kaltura v7 player is upgraded.

Kaltura: How to Enable Privacy Settings for Kaltura Capture on Mac

This article describes how to enable Privacy Settings for screen, camera and microphone for Kaltura Capture on Mac OS.

Kaltura: Importing into My Media from OneDrive

This article explains how to import media from OneDrive into Kaltura's My Media.

Kaltura: Interactive Video Quizzes

This article describes how to create an interactive video using Kaltura.

Kaltura: Kaltura Quiz Troubleshooting In-Video Quiz Submission Issues

This article reviews the factors and issues you may experience when using Kaltura and when you are in a Video Quiz. There are many different factors that can impact recording the scores of in-video quizzes. These can include: your computer, browser, settings or other features enabled between your computer and/or browser.

Kaltura: Media Gallery

This article gives a general overview of Media Gallery.

Kaltura: MediaSpace Overview

This article provides an overview of MediaSpace. MediaSpace is the internal USNH media repository where users can store and share video.

Kaltura: My Media

This article provides a general overview of My Media.

Kaltura: Playback Features

This article provides a detailed description about viewing rich media in the Kaltura Player.

Kaltura: Removing Embedded Media from Canvas (myCourses)

This article describes how to remove embedded media from myCourses.

Kaltura: Requesting Access to Another Users Streaming Media Files

This article will explain the process for requesting access to streaming media files from another user.

Kaltura: Service Health

This article provides information about the system status of Kaltura.

Kaltura: Sharing Media, Collaboration, and Changing Ownership

This article describes how to share media with other users through collaboration and media ownership settings in Kaltura.

Kaltura: Uploading IOS Video Files

This article describes how to upload IOS video files using Kaltura.

Kaltura: Using Hotspots in Video Recordings

This article explains how to add, edit and delete hotspots in your recordings.

Kaltura: Using Kaltura In Lieu of Flip

This article explains how to use Kaltura Media in Canvas in lieu of Flip in a collaborative way or just between the instructor and the student. It also explains how to use Kaltura Capture to record media on the spot.

Kaltura: Using the Recycle Bin

This article will present a short demo of using the Kaltura recycle bin in Canvas and MediaSpace.

Lecture Capture: Zoom vs Kaltura for Recording

This article serves to instruct as to the best tool to use for lecture capture in your course.

MediaSpace: Creating and Managing Channels

This article describes how to create and manage channels in MediaSpace.

Rich media: Reduce file size of video using Handbrake

This video will show you how to reduce the size of a video file using the free software ’Handbrake.’

Rich Media: Storyboard Templates

A storyboard is a beneficial and useful tool in the video-making process. It acts as a visual aid that makes it easier to share and explain your ideas, which can make the entire process much easier and save time. A storyboard can be anything from a sequence of drawings to a list of notes containing directions and dialogue, which will be used to represent a plan for every shot in a multi-media project.

Rich Media: Student Survival Guide

So you've been assigned a rich media project like making a video and don't know where to start? This guide will walk you through the process of working with rich media.

Windows Movie Maker Alternatives

This article describes some free alternatives to Windows Movie Maker.