Canvas: Using the Late Submission Policy in the Gradebook

Task: This article describes how to use the Late Submission policy in the grade book.

Setup Late Submission Policy


The Late Submission policy is an optional setting in the grade book and by default is not enabled. The policy settings only apply to that course where it is set. It is recommended that if you use the late policy in your course, that you set it up at the start of the semester. Once you enable the policy, it will be applied to a submission as soon as it is graded.

Late Submission Policy

The Late Submission Policy lets you define a percentage of the total points possible on an assessment that will be deducted for a late submission. The points to be deducted are calculated by multiplying the amount of time it was late by the preset deduction percentage. The resulting value is then subtracted from the student's earned score. For example, if the Deduct Field is 10%, the interval is set to Day and the assessment is worth 100 points, then for each day the submission is late the student will lose 10 points. You can also set the Lowest Possible Grade field to define what the lowest grade the student could receive for a late submission.

Enable and set a Late Policy Submission Policy points:

  1. Select the Cogwheel icon on the right side of the grade book.
  2. Enable the policy by checking the box next to the Late policy.
  3. Next, enter the percentage you want to be deducted.
  4. Select the interval "For each late" you want Canvas to use in the calculation; Day or Hour.
  5. Optionally, you can also set the "Lowest possible grade" percentage. This sets the lowest grade possible the student would receive.
  6. Select Update to save the changes.


Grading the Late Submission:

You can grade the assessment using the Speedgrader or by entering a grade directly in the assessment column or in the Grade Detail tray. Either of these options will apply the late policy to the student submission.

  1. Select the assessment to be graded, enter the earned grade.
  2. When you click outside the grade field or move on to grade the next student, the Late Policy points will be deducted from the earned grade.
  3. The deducted points will appear below the earned point, as well as the new Final grade that is assigned to the student.
  4. If you want to adjust the amount of Late points to be deducted for the student, go to the grade book, select the Grade Detail tray, and change the number indicating the Lateness of the submission. Or you can change the Late status to None, which stops the Late policy from being applied to this student's submission.


If you want to test if and how the Late policy works, then setup an online assessment with a previous due date. You could then use the Student View option to upload a Late submission to an assessment. Then go back to the faculty view, to the grade book, and view the status and assign a grade using the Grade Detail Tray. You could also use the Speedgrader to grade the assessment. You will see the Late points deducted from the assessment.


Users will understand how to use the late submission policy in the gradebook. 

Further reading:

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