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This article details the two categories of activities and how to view two different types of activities.



There are two categories of activities: Open Activities and Activity History. Open activities are activities that have not been completed while the activity history tracks activities that have been completed. Use the buttons on these related lists to keep them current: create a task, create a new event, or send an email.

There are two types of activities: Tasks and Events. Events are meetings or scheduled events that need to take place for a set time period. These events are separate from “Organizational Events.” These events should be used for small one-on-one meetings while “Organizational Events” should be used for large events with multiple attendees. A task is an open-ended activity that has a due date but does not have an hourly time period associated to it.  

Emails that are logged via Outlook Integration will appear in the activity history. 

To view activities associated with a contact scroll towards the bottom of the page and look at the “Open Activities” and “Activity History” sections. 

A image of salesforce activities 


To view additional information about an activity, click on the “Subject” line. 

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