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This article reviews recent releases and updates for the applications Learning Design and Technology supports.
This article contains instructions for how to connect to a UNH printer via Baxter. This article is for UNH employees using a Windows computer.
This article includes information about using AirMedia wireless projection
This article goes through the updates of the Zoom 6.0 release which was released April 2024
This article describes the best naming practices for files and folders in OneDrive, Teams, or SharePoint.
This article explains how to use the online features of Office 365 as a functioning work hub where you can immediately respond to activities that might need your attention and quickly access content that is relevant to you no matter where it is stored. Your work hub provides easy access to all the Office 365 applications, and an area where you can create new documents that are automatically saved in your OneDrive making it simple to share and collaborate with others.
This article provides instructions on how to create Word documents using Office Online.
This article provides instructions on how to connect to Microsoft Office if your connection fails. Try these steps before contacting the IT Help Desk.
This article provides instructions on how to install Microsoft Office 365 on a Mac operating system.
This article contains frequently asked questions about Office 365. USNH has negotiated an agreement with Microsoft to provide all active UNH students, faculty, and staff with an Office 365 subscription. This includes Emeritus as well as sponsored users with an AD account.
This article describes how to apply a sensitivity label to files you create using Office 365 applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
This article provides instructions on how to activate/re-activate Microsoft 365 ProPlus and suggest additional troubleshooting steps for activation issues.
This article provides guidance on when a Form's ownership can be transferred from a former employee and provides best practices for Microsoft Forms ownership in order to avoid issues after an owner leaves.
This article details steps for moving your Microsoft Forms to a Microsoft Group.