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Respondus LockDown browser is a tool used by faculty when administering quizzes or tests through Canvas.  This application uses several methods to discourage cheating such as the inability to use other browsers and chat software.

The LockDown browser can be installed on the student's device.  The LockDown browser is also installed on campus Computer Lab systems.


LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment in Canvas. When your instructor enables it in a Canvas quiz, you will be prompted to take the quiz using LockDown Browser. Each institution has its own version of LockDown Browser, so if you have it from another school, you will need to uninstall that one and install the proper one for USNH.

  • Supported on: 
    • Windows, Mac, and the iPad.
      • LockDown Browser does not work on a Chromebook.
      • LockDown Browser does not work on phones.
  • Operating Systems
    • Windows: 10, 8, 7
    • Mac: MacOS 10.15 to 10.12, OS X 10.11, OSX 10.10
    • iOS: 11.0+ (iPad only). Must have a compatible LMS integration. You can pre install the browser through this USNH LockDown Browser Link:


For Windows users, start Respondus LockDown Browser, select the “i” button from the toolbar, and then click “Check for Newer Version”. The version will be displayed and you will be able to download the newer version if one is available.

For Mac users, start Respondus LockDown Browser, select “ABOUT” from the toolbar, and then click “Check for Update.” The version will be displayed and you will be able to download the newer version if one is available.

You can also update LockDown Browser by downloading and running the full installation program again.

Installing LockDown Browser from within Canvas:

  1. In Canvas, navigate to the course
  2. Click on the Quiz that has Respondus LockDown Browser Enabled (it will be in the title) and click Take the Quiz
  3. A new screen will pop up stating that Respondus Lockdown Browser is required
  4. If you have not downloaded LockDown Browser you will be prompted to download it with a link provided
  5. Follow the download instructions for the platform you are using. For the iPad, you will need to go to the Apple App Store

Taking a CLASSIC quiz with LockDown Browser already installed:

  1. Launch Respondus
  2. You will be notified to close applications. Click Yes to close them all automatically, click No to do it one by one in case you need to save items
  3. The browser will launch, log in with your USNH credentials
  4. Navigate to the course and quiz
  5. Click on the Quiz and click Take the Quiz
  6. Take the quiz as you normally do in Canvas
  7. After you submit the quiz you can log out of the browser
  8. It is recommended to shutdown and restart your computer before taking another quiz in the LockDown browser.

Taking a NEW quiz with LockDown Browser already installed:

  1. If your instructor created the quiz using the NEW QUIZ option in myCourses, the LockDown Browser will be launched from within the quiz in myCourses.
    • You MUST access the quiz from Canvas.
    • Do NOT open the LockDown Browser first. 

Troubleshooting Tips

Mac Users unable to launch LockDown Browser:

  1. Browse to System Preferences/ Security/ Privacy/ then Accessibility
  2. From there click the Unlock option at the bottom and then "+" to add the "Lockdown Browser" app to the list.
  3. Once you do this try launching the browser again as instructed by your professor

If your browser freezes during the quiz:

When LockDown Browser appears to "freeze", it is commonly due to a dialog box from other applications running in the background appearing underneath the secure LockDown Browser layer or there are corrupted web links, which are blocked. It can also freeze if you lose Internet service during the quiz taking.

  1. If your computer freezes during a quiz, we recommend you press and hold the power button for at least 60 seconds until your computer turns completely off. 
    This will help ensure that a true hard shutdown is being performed on the computer.
  2. Notify your instructor why you stopped taking the quiz.
  3. To continue taking the quiz, follow the steps listed above for taking a quiz (Classic or New).

Error when attempting to access a quiz:

  1. If you are attempting to access a quiz by following the steps above for a CLASSIC quiz and get an error, you are most likely taking a quiz using the NEW QUIZZES tool instead. The error is telling you that it won't launch following those steps. Follow the NEW quiz steps above to access the quiz.

Additional Information:

Quick Start Guide (PDF)

LockDown Browser Student Support

Accessibility with Lockdown browser

Need additional help?

Student support is provided directly from Respondus. Please fill out the Respondus Support Web form with as much detail as possible. A Respondus support representative will be in contact to assist you as soon as possible.


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