Salesforce: Requesting an Account


This article will discuss the process of requesting a Salesforce account for a user through the Accounts Management System.



Task: To request a Salesforce account using the Accounts Management System.



Step 1 - Log in to the IT Accounts Management System

Step 2 - Click on the green Add button - Either "Request Access for an Employee" or "Request Access for Yourself

Request Access for an Employee or Request Access for Yourself


Step 3 - You will need to check off the Communication and Collaboration header.

NOTE: The options listed will depend on the institution

Communication and Collaboration section of the AMS


Step 4 - Select the type of access that is required - if you are not sure please read the descriptions carefully, the account requests have an approver workflow specific to that type of account.

Step 5 - Click Next.

Step 6 - Fill out the necessary account type and business need. If you know of a user with similar permissions please put their username in the "copy from user" textbox.

Step 7 Confirm and Submit the request.



Your request for a Salesforce account has been submitted.


Need additional help?

If you have any additional questions, please fill out the Constituent Relationship Management Services Support Form.


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