MFA: YubiKey Facts & Purchasing Guide


This article provides basic recommendations for USNH approved YubiKeys. This article is intended for USNH faculty and staff and holds the USNH recommended MFA hardware tokens. 


IMPORTANT! The model of YubiKey previously provided by Enterprise Technology & Services, YubiKey 4, is now considered deprecated and no additional units will be distributed. These older device will not work for Salesforce authentication or in other more modern authentication environments.  See below for current versions.


Warning:  Microsoft may require a PIN when using some models of YubiKey for M365 MFA.  The YubiKey PIN is maintained through a desktop app provided by the YubiKey manufacturer called "YubiKey Manager".  Remember your YubiKey PIN or it will not work for M365 MFA.  

If you lose or forget your YubiKey PIN, you will have to work with the YubiKey "YubiKey Manager" application to reset your PIN, or work with the YubiKey manufacturer directly - ET&S has no access to assist with lost YubiKey PINs.  This is why ET&S Strongly recommends you have a secondary method set up for MFA.  See MFA: Adding Backup Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Methods for instructions.




Product Quick Facts

  • YubiKeys are small USB devices that are inserted into a desktop or laptop computer USB port / Lighting connector
  • Pressing the top or side button on the YubiKey generates and automatically enters a passcode on MFA prompts
  • YubiKey 5 series meet Microsoft’s Modern Authentication hardware requirements
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YubiKey 5 Series (non-FIPS)

  • NOT for use with FIPS systems such as Federal Grants
  • Recommended for all other non-FIPS USNH systems
  • Available in several form factors including USB-A, USB-C, NFC, and Lightning 
  • Recommended connector types are:
  • YubiKey 5C NFC (USB-C)
  • YubiKey 5Ci (USB-C & Lightning)
  • Available from Yubico directly, or through popular online vendors such as Amazon, Connection, or CDW-G through the USNH UShopNH portal .  ET&S does not provide YubiKeys for faculty and staff.
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5C NFC hardware token

YubiKey 5C NFC (non-FIPS)

GTIN: 5060408462331

Yubico Product URL : 

YubiKey 5Ci hardware token image

YubiKey 5Ci (non-FIPS)

GTIN: 5060408461969

Yubico Product URL : 


YubiKey 5 FIPS Series

  • Certified to meet FIPS 140-2 compliance requirements for systems that interact with US government agencies.  
  • Stamped with the word “FIPS” 
  • Available in several form factors including USB-A, USB-C, NFC, and Lightning  
  • Recommended connector types are:
    • YubiKey 5C NFC (USB-C) 
    • YubiKey 5Ci (USB-C & Lightning)
  • Not available through most online vendors
  • Must be purchased directly through Yubico  or a certified Yubico Gold reseller 
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YubiKey 5C NFC FIPS hardware token image

YubiKey 5C NFC - FIPS

GTIN: 5060408464229

Yubico Product URL: 

YubiKey 5Ci FIPS hardware token image

YubiKey 5Ci - FIPS

GTIN: 5060408464243

Yubico Product URL: 


Further Readings

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UShopNH portal 

Certified Yubico Gold resellers 


Need additional help?

Visit the Technology Help Desk Support page to locate your local campus contact information or to submit an online technology support request.  For password issues you must call or visit the Help Desk in person.  

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