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This article provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding USNH Accounts, including how and where to log in, as well as who is eligible for an account and when. This applies to people associated with any of the University System of New Hampshire (USNH) Institutions - Keene State College (KSC), Plymouth State University (PSU), or University of New Hampshire (UNH), as well as the USNH System Office.
The University System of New Hampshire is committed to safeguarding your personal data and enhancing the security of our technology systems to protect all USNH institutions, our employees, and our students.  This article explains the Account Verification Process that applies to all USNH account holders - students, faculty, staff, contractors, faculty emeriti/ae, alumni/ae, etc.
This article explains how to update your MFA verification methods if you are changing phone numbers or replacing your phone or mobile device that you use for MFA.
This article provides instructions for setting up Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for your M365 account on a new or different phone or mobile device.  This article is for use when replacing a phone (or mobile device) that was already set up with both the Microsoft Authenticator app PLUS at least on backup method for MFA verification.
Students, faculty, and staff may all have the opportunity to travel abroad from their usual locations.  This article provides steps to take before travelling to be sure to maintain access to important resources such as Outlook email, myCourses (Canvas), OneDrive, WebCat, Banner Self-Service, WISE, etc.
This article explains how to set up the Microsoft Authenticator App for multi-factor authentication (MFA) for M365 using only your mobile phone or mobile device.  Use these instructions if you want to add the Authenticator mobile app but do not have access to a computer.
This article provides instructions for how to use a one-time password code through the Microsoft Authenticator app when you have a weak or no signal to your cell phone or cannot receive notifications.  These instructions only apply if you have already installed the Microsoft Authenticator app and added it as a security method for your M365 Account. See for instructions if needed.
This article walks you through the process for setting up Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for your M365 account and any services covered by Single Sign On.
This article provides basic recommendations for USNH approved YubiKeys. This article is intended for USNH faculty and stuff and holds the USNH recommended MFA hardware tokens.
This article provides instructions for how to download and install the Microsoft Authenticator app on your preferred mobile device.
This article provides a broad overview of Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) and how it is used to secure USNH Systems. This is meant for all USNH students, staff, and faculty.
The purpose of this article is to provide information about the various options for using MFA for M365 and the expected sign-in experience.  Understanding all the options and selecting the best fit for you, will help streamline your set-up process.
This article provides instructions for adding backup Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) methods for your M365 account.  See "Setting up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for M365" - - if you need to set up MFA for M365 for the first time.
In January 2023, Microsoft has announced that Apple Watch will no longer be compatible with Microsoft M365 (Azure) Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) due to a security update. USNH community members are encouraged to delete the Microsoft Authenticator app from their Apple Watch, as it will stop working in January.
This article details the necessary steps to solve the “Network Timeout – The network request timed out. Please try again [2602]” error in iPhones caused by the Microsoft Authenticator application.