KSC Course Evaluations (Blue) - Understanding the Instructor Course Evaluation Reports

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Purpose: This is intended for the instructor as well as those who are Department Chairs and Deans.  This article highlights what is shown on the report that is generated from Student Experiences of Learning Surveys.

Intended Audience:  This is intended for the instructor.

Environment:  Blue Course Evaluations

Scope of Article: Understand the Instructor report and the information contained within

Content:  Blue - Course Evaluations, Understanding the Instructor Course Report

At completion of a course when all course surveys have been completed a report is generated that highlights some key elements of the survey. This report is generated within a couple of weeks after grades are posted. When reports are ready, an email will be sent to users with a link on accessing their reports.   Users can also navigate to the Instructor survey area in Canvas and navigate to reports.  There are different viewing options. The full version is documented below.

Note:  Any survey that did receive any feedback, no report will be generated.  It will appear in list greyed out and will say Not Met on the right:

Accessing from Canvas

  1. Using the Course Evaluation Reports menu item, Click on Teaching survey Results
  2. This will open up Blue and list all of the Course reports for your user account

Accessing from Blue

  1. Using your USNH credentials, Log into Blue here: https://bluecourseevals.keene.edu
  2. Scroll or use the search to find the semester in question
  3. Click on the Report to open

  1. If the user is also a Department Chair or Dean they will be able to scroll down to see combined reports for areas within their discipline.

The Report

  • Information at the top of report includes course number, course name and Instructor.
  • The number of respondents represents how many people completed the survey
  • Invited is the number of recipients that were invited to complete the survey
  • Response Ratio is the percentage of people that completed the survey

The report also includes the following:

  • Modality to how the course was delivered
  • Any technology that was used to deliver course content

  • The report will also list out comments made by evaluators

NOTE: In the event that there is more than one instructor being evaluated for a course the response rate will show the same for all the instructors. 

All the questions are listed on the form and divided into sections on the report. These questions include core survey questions depending on type of course as well as questions that may have been added on a department specific basis.

If additional comments were added by students they will show up under the comments section and will also be categorized appropriately.

NOTE: In the event that no additional comments were provided then this section will not appear.

The final portion of the report gives a breakdown on student information.

Need additional help?

Please fill out the Student Experiences of Learning Webform with as much detail as possible, or contact the Technology Help Desk on your local campus.

For additional Training please visit the Teaching and Learning Technologies Training Website.

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