TeamDynamix - Working with Change Ticket Calendar

To access the Change Enablement "ticket" Calendar:

Select "Ticket Calendar from the Standard Reports list on the left side of the Change Enablement application screen.


Select the "Change Calendar" option from the pull down menu in the upper right corner of the Desktop application in TeamDynamix.

To filter the Change Calendar for a specific view:

Click on the green funnel on the upper right corner of the calendar.   

Make selections:

  • It is recommended to show only Maintenance Activities and Blackout Windows.  The reason for this is that tickets do not have start/end dates and therefore will show for the entire duration of all maintenance activity tasks associated with the change ticket.  (so a ticket that has weekly maintenance activities for the next year would appear to have a continuous year's duration on the calendar).
  • Use the scroll bar to select other calendar criterion.

  • Use the green Save Search button to reuse the search later. 
  • Use the My Searches pull-down to select your saved searches. 



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