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The following article attempts to answer all of your questions about the classroom standard BYOD or Type I classrooms at Keene State College (KSC) and Plymouth State University (PSU).  We will be adding to these FAQs on a regular basis.



Q1Where are the new 2024 Fall BYOD Classroom? - KSC and PSU only

Q2 - Can I borrow a laptop to teach? 

Q3 - What technology is in a BYOD Classroom? 

Q4 - Are there instructions for how to use a BYOD Classrooms? 




A1 - Where are the new 2024 Fall BYOD Classroom?

At Keene State College (KSC) for Fall of 2024 these classrooms will be BYOD:

  • Joslin 108
  • Media Arts Center 142 | Media Arts Center 169
  • Morrison 103
  • Parker 210
  • Redfern 320
  • Rhodes S163 | Rhodes S215 | Rhodes S257
  • Science 201 | Science 203 | Science 205 | Science 207 | Science 259 | Science 329

At Plymouth State University (PSU) for Fall 2024 these classrooms will be BYOD:

  • AllWell 115
  • Draper & Maynard 301 | Draper & Maynard 417 | Draper & Maynard 419
  • HPC w108  
  • Lamson 102 | Lamson 202
  • Mary Lyon 011 (already BYOD, being upgraded) | Mary Lyon 013 (already BYOD, being upgraded) | Mary Lyon 101 (already BYOD, being upgraded)

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A2 - Can I borrow a laptop to teach?

The borrowing option will be limited to those faculty who are not already assigned a USNH laptop and who teach in one of the above classrooms (16 at KSC and 10 at PSU) that have been upgraded to the BYOD standard.

  • The loaner laptops will be available as Mac OS or as Windows OS.
  • The laptop will come in a protective case and have the proper adapter (dongle).
  • The loan period will be for the entire semester. For example, for the fall semester you would be able to pick the laptop up at the KSC Help Desk in Elliot Hall (or a location at PSU TBD) in August and drop the laptop back off in mid-December.
  • During semester breaks, our ET&S team would provide routine updates and maintenance.

We will reach out via email with more information.

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A3 - What technology is in a BYOD Classroom? 

Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Classroom contains foundational technology elements:

  • an HDMI cable for your laptop/device
  • a display (LCD TV or Projector)
  • a sound (not speech) reinforcement system
  • a control system (may be push button or touch screen)

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A4 - Are there instructions for how to use a BYOD Classrooms?

Yes, please visit this article: USNH Classroom Type I Instructions (BYOD) Bring Your Own Device

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Further Readings

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