AirMedia® Wireless Presentation Guides

Task: This article contains training guides for AirMedia® wireless presentation.

Learning Space Technologies has installed AirMedia® devices in select campus classrooms and conference rooms. This new piece of technology allows for wireless presentation of content from a laptop, smart phone, or tablet device via a WIFI wireless connection. With AirMedia®, an instructor can walk into the classroom with a Windows or MacBook laptop and connect without wires, enabling the ease of presentation. iPhone, iPad, and Android devices can present PowerPoint, Excel, Word, PDF documents, as well as pictures, videos, or any app content (non copy written) with full-screen mirroring.



For all devices:

  1. Connect to the 'eduroam' wireless network
  2. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your device.
  3. Select the "Airmedia" source on your classroom audiovisual touch panel. You will need to know the connection Code that will be projected and displayed on the touch panel.


Using a Windows Laptop:

  • Press Windows+K keys on your keyboard. Select your classroom name using the screen mirroring menu.

More info on screen mirroring and wireless projection in Windows:


Using a Mac Laptop:

  • Click Control Center in the menu bar, click the Screen Mirroring icon
  • Choose your classroom name using the screen mirroring menu.
  • To set whether your desktop mirrors or extends your Mac screen, click the Screen Mirroring icon
    • Choose Mirror Built-in Display or Use As Separate Display.

More info on screen mirroring and wireless projection in Mac OS:


Using an iOS (iPhone or iPad) device:

  • Find the video or content that you want to stream.
  • Tap the AirPlay button . In some apps, you might need to tap a different button first.
    • For example, in the Photos app, tap the Share button , then tap the AirPlay button 
  • Select your classroom name using the screen mirroring menu.


Using an Android device:

  • Android devices require use of the AirMedia app. Follow the link here for instructions:

AirMedia Guide for Android Mobile Devices


Classrooms with AirMedia® per Campus:

Plymouth State University

Keene State College

University of New Hampshire (Durham, Manchester, CPS)


Not all AirMedia-equipped rooms at UNH Durham have been upgraded to be used without the AirMedia app installed. Refer to the table below:


Rooms that don’t need AirMedia app

Rooms that need AirMedia app

Barton 128

Cole 219

Barton 134

DeMeritt 112

Cole 141

Horton 115

Cole 142

Horton 210

DeMeritt 238

Horton b04

DeMeritt 253

Hamilton Smith 102

DeMeritt 301

Hamilton Smith 103

DeMeritt 311

Hamilton Smith 105

Haaland 104

Hamilton Smith 107

Haaland 105

Hamilton Smith 108

Horton 201

Hamilton Smith 124

Horton 204

Hamilton Smith 126

Horton 207

Hamilton Smith 130

Horton 215

Hamilton Smith 140

Horton 304

Hamilton Smith 150

Horton 307

Hamilton Smith 201

Horton 445

Hamilton Smith 202

HSSC 102

Hamilton Smith 205

James g45

Hamilton Smith 210

McConnell 110

Hamilton Smith 250c

Morrill 103

Hamilton Smith 332

Morrill 106

Hamilton Smith 344

Morrill 108

Hamilton Smith G21

Morrill 112

Hamilton Smith G34

Morrill 204

Hamilton Smith G35

Morrill b02

Kingsbury n111

Morrill b04

MUB Theater 1

Murkland 313

MUB Theater 2

Parsons n108

Murkland 102

Parsons w131

Murkland 104

PCAC a202

Murkland 115

PCAC a204

Murkland 118

PCAC a312

Murkland 201

PCAC m119

Murkland 202

PCAC m135

Murkland 203

PCAC m226

Murkland 204

Pettee 109

Murkland G01

Putnam 101

Murkland G02

Putnam 102

Murkland G04

Rudman g30

Murkland G17

Rudman g31

Nesmith 125

Rudman g40

Nesmith 140

Rudman g41

Nesmith 144

Rudman g44

Nesmith 226

Spaulding 181

Nesmith 322

Spaulding 186

Nesmith 326

Spaulding 190

Nesmith 329

Spaulding 194

Nesmith G13

Spaulding 228

Parsons N104

Spaulding 278



Pettee 114


Pettee G10

  Paul College - All Rooms




Using the AirMedia app on Windows Laptops

AirMedia Windows Laptop Application Download and Guide

Using the AirMedia app on Apple Laptops

AirMedia Mac Laptop Application Download and Guide

***If your Mac computer is running macOS Catalina version 10.15.2 or newer, you will need to follow the below installation instructions***

  • After downloading the AirMedia® installer and opening the file, you will receive an error message that states: "aimedia_osx_3.1.29_installer.pkg" can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.
  • Open your Mac System Preferences
  • Navigate to Security & Privacy
  • Select the General Tab
  • Click Open Anyway for the AirMedia® Installer
  • You might be required to enter your computer account information
  • AirMedia® installer should then function normally

Using the AirMedia app on Mobile Devices

AirMedia Guide Apple Mobile Devices

AirMedia Guide for Android Mobile Devices


Need Additional Audiovisual Help?

Please fill out the A/V Technician Assistance request via our WebCheckout reservation system for UNH Durham and Plymouth State University
Keene State - 603-358-2532
Plymouth State - 603-535-2929
UNH Durham - 603-862-2467
UNH Manchester - 603-641-4357
UNH Law - 603-862-4242

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