Canvas: Using a Wiki

Task: This articles describes how to use wiki pages in a Canvas course.


Adding a Wiki Page:

Each content page in Canvas is really a wiki, which is simply a web page that allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by its users. By default, only teachers can edit content pages in Canvas.

1. To make any content page a wiki page that can be edited by multiple people, simply click the Options drop-down menu (below the Rich Content Editor) and select Teachers and students or Anyone can edit this page.

Best Practice Recommendations:

  • Include "wiki" in the name of the page.
  • Link the wiki page to the Syllabus or the Home page.
  • Inform students that the wiki exists and that they are free to edit it.


Users will know how to use wiki pages in a Canvas course.

Need additional help?

Please use this link to the Technology Help Desk to locate your local campus contact information.

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