TeamDynamix: File types Permitted as Attachments


This article details the file types permitted as attachments for TeamDynamix.


Purpose:  This list specifies the allowable file size and types that can be used as attachments.
Intended Audience: TeamDynamix Users
Environment:  TeamDynamix Application

The current settings in TeamDynamix allow attachments up to size 50M of the following file types:

  1. .csv

  2. .doc

  3. .docx

  4. .gif

  5. .ind

  6. .jpg

  7. .pdf

  8. .png

  9. .ppt

  10. .pptx

  11. .rtf (rich text)

  12. .txt

  13. .vsd (visio)

  14. .xls

  15. .xlsx

  16. .xml


Need additional help?

If you need additional file types permitted, please submit a TeamDynamix Change Request.

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