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The University System of New Hampshire is committed to safeguarding your personal data and enhancing the security of our technology systems to protect all USNH institutions, our employees, and our students.  This article explains the Account Verification Process that applies to all USNH account holders - students, faculty, staff, contractors, faculty emeriti/ae, alumni/ae, etc.
This article provides answers to frequently asked questions about your USNH Outlook email account and associated email addresses.
This article contains an overview of account classification.
These instructions are provided to help assist users with updating desktop based Apple Mail and Calendar Applications for the USNH Unified M365 environment. There are two parts, 1) removing the old campus based account, and 2) adding the account for the Unified environment.
This article provides instructions on how to add your USNH email account to Outlook app on an Android mobile device.
This article provides instructions on how to determine which version of office you have installed in both the Windows and MAC operating systems.
This article contains account deactivation information for USNH employees.
This article provides instructions on how to unlink your school account from the OneDrive app installed on your Windows PC and then log back in again. This could resolve issues with your school credentials not allowing you access to OneDrive.
This article provides instructions on how to create a personal OneDrive account and moving files/folders from your USNH OneDrive account to a personal OneDrive account.
Frequently asked questions related to UNH Banner Student (PROD) accounts.
Answers common questions about Sponsored User Accounts - how to request, renew or extend, and terminate sponsored access for people with legitimate need for account access but no other active qualifying affiliation with USNH.
This article contains information on checking your UNH admission status.