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This article will outline the process of exporting or importing data from one survey to another
This article describes how to export content to the Canvas Commons.
Whether you are an instructor or a student, you may need to create and share a video in an online course. This process can be broken down into 3 steps: Create the Video.
Upload the video to a streaming server, Share the video. Kaltura is the secure and private media server used by all USNH colleges for video and audio streaming. Kaltura also includes tools for video recording, sharing, and management, and is fully integrated into Canvas. This article will provide an overview
This article explains the process of exporting your P&T Collections from Mahara on to your personal computer. These directions are for PSU faculty who are looking to preserve their P&T collections on their personal computer after Mahara is sunsetted in the fall of 2024.
This article highlights how a reviewer in myElements can export the FAR including downloading report attachments.
This article highlights how to export publications from Google Scholar so that they can be imported into myElements. This will help eliminate the need for manual entry and increase the quality of publication data in myElements.
This article explains how to export a classic Quiz and import it into the course as New Quizzes.
Instructions for how to export your favorites or bookmarks from Internet Explorer to an HTML file, in order to be able to import them into another browser.