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Whether you are an instructor or a student, you may need to create and share a video in an online course. This process can be broken down into 3 steps:

Kaltura is the secure and private media server used by all USNH colleges for video and audio streaming. Kaltura also includes tools for video recording, sharing, and management, and is fully integrated into Canvas.

This article will provide an overview of the process.


1) Video Creation:

There are a variety of ways to create videos using either free or commercial products. The resources below highlight common options for creating videos for your course.

Kaltura Capture

This tool is embedded within the Kaltura toolkit. It is located wherever you see the Kaltura button in the formatting buttons. It looks like this:

Kaltura Button in Canvas
Picture of Kaltura icon button in Canvas. Picture has an arrow pointing to the icon.

Teams Meetings

Teams meetings may be recorded and uploaded from OneDrive into your Kaltura My Media library or simply shared as an .mp4 file. 

  • After the meeting has been recorded and you wish to upload the recording into Kaltura, please see Kaltura: Importing into My Media from OneDrive for instructions. If you would like to use the recording outside of Kaltura, navigate to your Recordings folder in OneDrive under My Files and either download or share the recording from there.


Both faculty and students can record a Zoom presentation which will automatically get saved to Kaltura.

Note: Recordings will be temporarily saved in the Zoom cloud however this link should not be shared since the recording will be removed after 2 weeks.

Mobile Devices

Most mobile devices have an option for recording video or audio. Be sure the audio quality is good enough for the viewer to hear. See instructions below for uploading your video to Kaltura.

2) Upload your video to Kaltura or YouTube

Kaltura is the preferred application for uploading videos to Canvas.

Upload Your Video File to Kaltura

  1. Kaltura: Upload or Create Media

  2. Uploading Video Files from an iOS device

  3. Reducing (Compressing) the Video File Size using Handbrake, a free application. Use this application if your video file takes too long to upload.

Upload Your Video File to YouTube

In most cases Kaltura is recommended for uploading and sharing videos. However, YouTube is an alternative that can be used in certain circumstances. YouTube also allows you to manage your videos after the course has ended.

  1. If you don’t already have one, you will need to Set up a YouTube Account

  2. Upload videos to YouTube

  3. Privacy settings: Be sure to set the privacy setting for your video to “Unlisted” if you don’t want your video to be available to the public (appear in searches). It is also recommended to include the course name, semester, assignment, and your name in the video title, where applicable.

3) Share Your Video

Kaltura is the preferred application for sharing videos in Canvas.


Once you have uploaded your media to Kaltura, you can embed it in Canvas discussions or in a Canvas assignment. The content box for all Canvas discussions and assignments includes a Kaltura button in the formatting buttons. It looks like this:

Kaltura button in Canvas
Picture of Kaltura icon button in Canvas. Picture has an arrow pointing to the icon.

Review the articles below for step-by-step instructions on how to upload a video file to Kaltura.

Note: Videos created or uploaded to Kaltura are automatically machine-captioned for ADA compliance.


You can also share your YouTube video in Canvas using the media plug-in.

  1. Once you have uploaded your video to YouTube, copy the share link.

  2. In Canvas, in the Discussion or Assignment, click the media plug-in button in the formatting buttons. It looks like this:

Media Plug in button in Canvas
Picture of a plug icon with an arrow pointing to it.

  1. In the pop-up window, select the YouTube option and click Done.

Select youtube plug in in Canvas
picture shows youtube icon with arrow pointing to it, and a green button with the word done on it also with an arrow pointing to it.


  1. A YouTube branded textbox will appear. Paste your video link in the text box and press enter.

Youtube plugin textbox in Canvas
Picture of youtube icon with textbox next to it.


  1. Your video and details should appear. If it is correct, click the Embed button to complete the embed process.

    Embed button
blue button with the word embed on it.

Need additional help?

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